Friday, May 04, 2012

Snakes Everywhere

I was going to handle snakes in one post but then I realized just how many snakes there are in Egyptian mythology. It took me some time to decide who to work with the snakes, mostly because it was a request and I always love requests because I am not here to write for myself but to help others understand or learn.

After considering how to break this apart I decided to handle it by "good", "evil" and those that are in the Duat (underworld). Good and evil aren't the Western ideas of good and evil. Basically, these will be broken down between those that help creation/order move forward and those who deter or destroy creation/order. Then we will handle the ones in the Duat.

It may be a few days before anything shows up as I collect my information together but there will be snakes to come. Hopefully I can handle them all in three posts. We shall see when I gt a finally tally of how many snakes there actually are.

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