Sunday, June 10, 2012

More poetry

There are rare occasions when I get the muse to write poetry. Rarer still is my desire to share it. I wrote this piece about the worship of Thoth and endeavored to include the kind of flow and imagery that the Egyptians used in their poetry. Hope you all enjoy it.

The Wise Night Bird

The glow of stars above,
Uncountable but for your eyes.
Hands of grace play power upon the sheets
Exactness of thought unadulterated by
… desire, want or need

He who knows the numbers of all…
That might be, could be or should be,
Guide the path with paradisiacal scrawl.
In words and thoughts be seed.

Quiet, yet of many words,
Speak light into my ear
Ever wise night bird
What glides from the fine reed?

Equilibrium, self-devised
The path between the divide
To kingly wisdom you advise.
Whisper softly your creed.

Hand and breath of veracity
Gentle sage of wetland fields
Balance my heart with perspicacity
Forever I follow your lead.

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