Friday, August 10, 2012

More craft

Since I haven't updated and I am still working on items for my upcoming vending event in September I am going to take some more time to share what I am working on once more.

This is another sistrum but this one I have given a twist of Meso-American decoration to the handle. I really think it works despite the very different cultures. I also think it works because the Meso-American cultures use rattles as well.

Papyrus of Sobek

A very modern looking papyrus of Sekhmet and Mehen

Papyrus of Bes

Pair of Papyri of a hawk
Could be Horus, Ra or Montu depending.
I am not sure which these will be yet.

Papyrus of Montu as counter of time

Papyrus of Bast

I hope to get back to real posts on Egyptian history soon but for now, hope you are enjoying the artwork.

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