Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Review - Building Pharaoh's Ship

Today I watched Building Pharaoh's Ship, a NOVA production, about reconstructing a traditional Egyptian ship.

This show has a great mix of history and how the discoveries were made that allowed the boat to be made. The thing I found most exciting was how this show portrays Egyptology research. It really shows the mix of modern Egyptian life, carvings and writings used to come to the best conclusion possible. The focus of this particular show is Hatshepsut's trade routes to Punt.

The work is also amazing in that it includes a score of different people working together and really seems to express unity to me. Archaeologists, naval architects, local Egyptian artisans and so on all describe their part in working up to building the finished ship. It is really awe inspiring to see the work that modern man puts into the building and thinking about an ancient people doing it.

There is really a lot of information in this show and it is well worth watching if you are interested in archaeology, Egyptology, early trade, ships, woodworking, ancient culture and so on.

More information On NOVA's site.

Watch it on Netflix here.

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